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Lorraine Motel

Memphis, TN


The wreath marks the spot where Dr. King was assassinated.
A plaque on the outer wall of the motel.
Martin Luther King's "Mountaintop" Speech
"It was a very awe inspiring feeling to be standing at the assassination site of one of the greatest Americans to ever live." -Kristina Riordan
"I can assure anyone that the realness of this place was effective. I felt I was in the presence of true greatness. I had not even entered the museum when a sudden feeling of speechlessness came over me." - Reem Assil
"Here I first felt the awareness I was standing at a place where the history of the Civil Rights Movement was written, it was a strange feeling. I was literally left breathless with it. ...I gazed up at the balcony. He stood there. He rested his fingertips on that metal rail... And he died there..." -Kate Fiorucci


Lincoln-Sudbury Regional H.S. will soon have a brick in this memorial
walkway, just out side the entry of the National Civil Rights Museum/
Lorraine Motel.

Lorraine Motel - 1950's

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